Tiago Neves Sequeira 

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Invited to select and review papers in the Newsletter Spillovers from Banco de Portugal - here

Invited by the President of the Republic of Portugal for the Meeting of Economists "Portugal in the Pos-Troika Period", 5 July 2013, Belém Palace - here and here

Appointment as Pro-Rector 2009/2013 - here and here

About the UBI Management Challenge 2012 - here

About the UBI Open Days - here

In the II National Meeting for the 1st Job  2011 - here

About the Appointment to the Work Group about Firms Statistics in the National Statistics Institute 2011/2012 - here

About the 25th Aniversary of UBI -. here

Journal Articles influencing Policy

Catherine Mann on the Policy Briefs of the Institute for International Economics (Washington DC, here)

About Tertiary Education Policy

Arguing for better productivity incentives in countries, firms, public institutions - in the  local academic newspaper (Urbi_et_Orbi, 2003) see here

Arguing for incentives to publish in international journal with peer review - in the local academic newspaper (Urbi_et_Orbi, 2004) see here

Arguing for Ph.D. Courses - in the local academic newspaper (Urbi_et_Orbi, 2004) see here and here

Interview explaining the reforms done as Department Chair - in the local academic newspaper (Urbi_et_Orbi, 2005) see here

About Economic Policy

TV (SIC) interview about the Portuguese political crisis and economic consequences - November 2015

Radio Interview about the Portuguese current economic situation - May 2014

About the Constitutional Court decision about expenditure cuts  - local academic newspaper and Jornal do Fundão 2014 - see here and here

About Government Budget (Orçamento de Estado) 2014 - see here

About Economic Growth and the Composition of Human Capital - local academic newspaper and local town newspaper, 2001 - see here

[Inspired by the work that led to my first article in the BE Journal in Macroeconomics in 2003]

About Economic Growth and Policies - regional newspaper Jornal do Fundão here and here

[About policies that conducted Ireland to grow and the Iberian countries to leaving behind]

About income and distribution (in a national widespread economic magazine Economia Pura, 1999) -see here

[Resulting from an undergraduate work...]

About Economic Research

 About the position in the ranking 'Economics Research in Portugal: People and Institutions' - see

- universia, 2010, here

- universia, 2010, here (español);

- urbi_et_orbi, 2011, here;

- Ensino Magazine, 2012, here;

- CRUP, 2012, here;

About the Award Banco Santander-Totta - see here.

An entry in Wikipédia - Carnation Revolution and - Beira Interior

[About the working-paper on economic history and Beira Interior, respectively]